300,000,000 DSC

  • 1.240 BTC
  • 19.043 ETH
  • 6,500.13 USD
  • 1.646ETH
  • ~BTC
  • 5,940USD

Thank you for your interest towards to our DSC Crypto Projects

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You can get a quick response to any questions, and chat with the project in our Telegram: htts://t.me/icocrypto

Don’t hesitate to invite your friends! If your invited referral purchased token then both of you get 10% bonus.

Token Sale Progress

  • Raised - 2,758 DSC
  • TOTAL - 300,000,000 DSC
Hard cap 1,400,000
Soft cap 40,000
Pre Sale 10,000
PreSale Sale Stage 1 Sale Stage 2
Start Date03 July 2018 Start Date15 August 2018 Start Date28 October 2018
End Date19 July 2018 End Date02 September 2018 End Date16 November 2018
Bonus30% Bonus20% Bonus10%
Soft Cap$ 20M Hard Cap$ 50M Hard Cap$ 30M